Privacy Policy

Your Privacy and Security
At, (hereinafter known as Mikistar), we believe in the importance of revealing how we collect, use, and protect information about our online guests. This privacy policy has been written to help you understand how your personal information will be used in conjunction with the services of Mikistar.
Please be assured that we have taken extensive measures and employed advanced technological methods to ensure and safeguard your privacy and security. If you don’t understand this privacy policy or have any questions, concerns, or comments, please do not use this website until your concerns have been satisfactorily addressed. Please Contact us for additional information about this privacy policy or general website issues.
Internet Security
The use of this website may require the entry of personal information, such as name, e-mail, address, telephone and fax numbers, and other personal or demographic data. The entry of all personal information is voluntary and will not be shared, given, sold, or otherwise distributed to any other party outside of Mikistar. All information is sent using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, which offers a high level of data protection. Your security and confidentiality will be respected at all times.
Consumer Security
Please be assured that the privacy of your personal data is under strictest guidelines.
Consumer Security
Through online forms, applications, e-mails, telephone, fax, verbal, written, or personal communication. This information may ask you to identify your name, e-mail address, financial information and more
Through member login screens, including password and user id
Through website browsing sessions
Through your present or past transactions with us that could reveal account status, transaction history, and balance
Through contest or sweepstake entries and surveys
In order to provide products and/or services to our visitors, it is necessary to collect a limited amount of personal data.
Personal Data
Properly respond to your inquiries
Protect the rights, personal safety, and privacy of Mikistar, its users, and the public
Comply with legal regulations
Please rest assured that any personal data that is either entered online, given verbally, mailed, e-mailed, or transmitted through other means is under strict security guidelines. Your acceptance of this agreement constitutes permission by Mikistar to access, preserve, and disclose your personal account information as necessitated to:
The Distribution of Information
To expedite your orders and verify payment information, we may share all of your personal information, whether provided directly by you, or obtained through our means, with our service providers. These service providers may include but are not limited to companies that supply periodic account statements.
Shared Data
Access to your private information is strictly protected and limited to those employees who have a legitimate business need to review specific data in your file. Mikistar complies with all federal standards in regards to safeguarding your personal information.
Frequently, we are required to provide services and/or sell products to businesses that compete with one another, either directly or indirectly. Our confidentiality policy limits the discussion or sharing of any data between all clients. This includes, but is not limited to, all proprietary information regarding your type of business, line of work, field of study and/or website purpose. It is our strictest policy to adhere to the confidentiality of your products and services.
Secured Payments
We accept online payments for goods and services. All payments are sent via encrypted means using SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) technology. We accept the following as a method of payment for services:
Most major credit and debit cards
Wire transfers via Western Union
External Links
The information within this privacy policy pertains to your visit to Mikistar (, not any of its external links, subsidiaries, or affiliates. Please review the separate privacy policies as stated on those individual websites. Once you have left Mikistar, this privacy policy is no longer in effect. We are not responsible for content, security, technical, legal, privacy, or any other issues on external links provided in this website.